Step 1. Import a Class into your Project

If the class you want to work with is already in the project, go to Step 2.

You can import a class into a project if the project you are working in is different project from the one in which the class was created.

  1. Right-click Classes in the Workbench left-pane.

  2. Select Import on the Popup menu.

The Open dialog box appears.

  1. Browse for the .soc file for the class you want to import.

Note: When the class developer exported the class, CIMPLICITY created a .soc file with the name specified by the class developer. The .soc file contains the class configuration including:

Specifications made in the Class dialog box (e.g. attributes, data items (object points), events and actions).

CimEdit graphic class objects.


  1. Click Open in the Open dialog box when you find the file.


The class is listed in the Class folder.

Scripts that have been written for the class are listed in the Scripts folder.

More information

Class object configuration.