Device General Properties

Use the General properties to enter general information for the device. You can define the following:


Select the port for this device.

You can click the Browser button - - to the right of the field to display the list of ports and select one.

You can click the Pop-up Menu button - - to create a new port, edit the current port, or select a port from the list of ports.


Enter an optional description to help you identify the device.


Enter a resource that can be associated with this device for alarm generation.

Model Type

Select the type of device. Click the drop-down button to the right of the input field to display your choices. Use the following information to make your selection.


Model Type

Programmable Controllers


C-Series and
C-Series Static

C200H-CPU11-E, C1000H-CPU01-EV1 and C2000H-CPU-EV1. Note: C-Series controllers are only accessible via a CV-Series controller acting as a gateway.


CV-Series and
CV-Series Static

CV500, CVM1-CPU01-E


CV-Series Ext. and CV-Series Ext. Static

CV1000, CV2000 and CVM1-CPU11-E or others with Expanded DM


CVM1-V2 and
CVM1-V2 Static

CVM1--CPU21-EV2 and programmable controllers with IEEE Floating Point capability

More information

    Device configuration.