C-Series Point Addresses

For C-Series programmable controllers connected to the local Ethernet Network, the following formats are valid:

Memory Area

Address Entry

Core I/O (CIO)

000 to 255

Link Relay (LR)

LR000 to LR63

Holding Relay (HR)

HR00 to HR99

Auxiliary Relay (AR)

AR00 to AR27

Timer Completion Flag

TIM000 to TIM511

Timer PV

TPV000 to TPV511

Counter Completion Flag

CNT000 to CNT511

Counter PV

CPV000 to CPV511

DM Area

DM0000 to DM9999



Error Read w/ Clear

EC0, EC1

Error Read w/o Clear

ER0, ER1

More information

    Point address formats.