OMRON TCP/IP Required Documents

In order to properly configure OMRON programmable controllers and their Ethernet module(s) you must refer to the Operations Manual and System Manual for the appropriate programmable controller and to the OMRON Ethernet module's User's Manual.

These manuals contain important information on:

Setting up the Ethernet communication parameters such as IP netmask, IP address, FINS UDP Port Number and the IP Address Table to convert between FINS node numbers and IP addresses

Interpreting response codes returned from programmable controllers and reported to the Status Log.


It is absolutely imperative that you fully understand how to configure the OMRON Ethernet Unit and how it translates between the FINS protocol values SNA, SA1, DNA and DA1 and the IP addresses assigned to the controller(s) and the CIMPLICITY computer. Furthermore, in order to access controllers on sub networks, you must understand how to properly configure routing tables in the programmable controllers.