Opening A Communication Socket

To test communication with an OMRON programmable controller, you first specify both a Source Network Address (SNA) and a Source Node number (SA1) for your computer and enter the Service Name corresponding to the UDP Port Number that communications are to use. To do this:

  1. In the CIMPLICITY SNA field, enter the Source Network Address (SNA) value for your computer that corresponds with the OMRON network configuration.

  2. In the CIMPLICITY SA1 field, enter the Source Node number (SA1) value for your computer.

  3. In the UDP service name field, enter the UDP service name listed in the TCP/IP services file that corresponds to the Port Number configured in the OMRON Ethernet module(s) that you will be corresponding with.

  4. Select Open Socket to initialize communications.

The status of your request displays in the message field.

If an error message displays, it gives an indication of the problem that must be corrected before continuing. These problems occur during the opening and binding of the communication socket. Typical problems are:

TCP/IP support is not loaded and/or configured for the operating system.

The UDP Service Name entered is not in the TCP/IP service file or is listed incorrectly (as TCP verses UDP for instance).

More information

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