Domain Size Validation

When you select the Model type, you also identify how CIMPLICITY software validates the point addresses against the memory ranges of a target programmable controller.

When you select C-Series, CV-Series, CV-Series Ext or CVM1-V2, dynamic domain sizing is used. In dynamic domain sizing, CIMPLICITY software polls the programmable controller using a binary search algorithm to establish the actual memory ranges.

When you select C-Series Static, CV-Series Static, CV-Series Ext Staticor CVM1-V2 Static, static domain sizing is used. In static domain sizing, CIMPLICITY software uses the pre-defined memory ranges based on OMRON's specifications.

If you use dynamic domain sizing, your CIMPLICITY project startup will take longer as the OMRON device communications enabler polls each OMRON programmable controller to determine its memory sizes. It is recommended that you use model types that employ dynamic domain sizing during project development, then switch to model types that employ static domain sizing when you deploy the project.

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