Read/Write Areas for CV-Series

The Read/Write areas and ranges supported for CV-Series programmable controllers are:

Memory Area

Address Entry

Core I/O (CIO)

000 to 2555

CPU Bus Link Area (G)

G000 to G255

Auxiliary Area (A)

A000 to A511

Timer Present Value (PV)

TPV0000 to TPV1023

Counter Present Value (PV)

CPV0000 to CPV1023

DM Area (DM)

DM00000 to DM24575

Expansion DM (E)

E00000.b to E32765.b where b is the bank number


Available for CV1000, CV2000, CVM1-CPU11-E or other OMRON programmable controllers with Expanded DM

More information

Supported addresses.