Device Properties

Use the OMRON TCP/IP tab in the Device dialog box to enter addressing information about this device.


Enter one of the following:

For programmable controllers connected directly to the local Ethernet network, enter the host name assigned for the IP address at which the controller's Ethernet Unit has been configured.

Sample local address: etchlineB_cntrl

For programmable controllers on a subnetwork, use the following format:

<host name>.<subnetwork number>.<address>


<host name> is the host name assigned for the IP address of the CV controller acting as bridge on the local Ethernet network.

<subnetwork number> is the subnetwork number

<address> is the Unit Address of the programmable controller.

An example of a subnetwork address is:




The <host name> is looked up in the operating system's hosts file when the device communication enabler is started to determine the targeted controller's IP address.


If the <host name> includes dots, you can enclose the host name in quotations. For example, "omron_cntrl.net2".2.31


The <subnetwork number> is the DNA and <address> is DA1 in OMRON FINS protocol terminology.


Some C Series controller models cannot be accessed on a subnetwork via a CV Bridge. Please refer to the Supported OMRON Devices section for information on which C Series models are supported via a CV Bridge.


Set this check box to enable the device when the project starts. If you clear the check box, the device will not be enabled and points associated with the device will be unavailable.

More information

OMRON TCP/IP device configuration.