Select a Target Programmable Controller

After you open the communication socket, you can select the OMRON programmable controller you want to test. To do this:

  1. In the Controller address field, enter the address of the OMRON programmable controller. Use the same format you use when configuring the controller for the CIMPLICITY project.

  2. Do one of the following:

To enter the address of an OMRON programmable controller on the local Ethernet network, simply enter the Host Name of the controller that corresponds to its IP address.

To enter the address of an OMRON programmable controller on a subnetwork, use the following format:

<Host Name>.<subnetwork number>.<Controller address>

Note: This is the same format you use when defining a device address in CIMPLICITY software

  1. Select the controller model from the Controller Model drop down selection list.

If you enter an invalid format for the programmable controller address or if you enter a Host Name that is not valid (not in the TCP/IP hosts file) an error message displays on the status line. You must enter a valid address to continue.

After you enter a valid programmable controller address, the Data address and Data value fields for read and write requests are enabled.

More information

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