Set Required Protocol Parameters

Three communication parameters can be set via the CIMPLICITY projects global parameters that define information about the computer on which the CIMPLICITY project is running. These values become part of the FINS structure for each transmitted command allowing the controller responses to find their way back to the enabler. One of the parameters (SNA) has a default, which if acceptable need not be changed. The others, (SA1 and Service Name) are required in order for the OMRON Ethernet device communication enabler to operate. These three parameters act as a return address and must be defined properly or you will receive time-out error messages even though the controller(s) are responding.

The three parameters are:


Value Range and Description


This is the network number assigned to the Ethernet network in the OMRON Ethernet module setup. The SNA entry need not appear in the global parameters if the default is acceptable.

Valid values are:

0 = Local network (default)

1 through 127 = Remote network


This is the Source Node Number for the computer initiating the communication. See Application Notes for information on how this is used.

Valid values for the Source Node Number are:

1 through 126

Service name

This corresponds to an entry in the operating system's services file. The entry relates the name to a UDP port number for which the OMRON Ethernet Units have been configured.

To define these parameters, add the following records to the Global Parameters file:




where <port> is last six characters of the communication TCP/IP port number assigned when you defined the port in the CIMPLICITY project. <value> is either the SNA value the SA1 value or the service name per the descriptions in the above table. For example, if the port assigned when you defined the port in the project is MASTER_OMTCP0, then these entries:




set the SNA to 3, the SA1 to 15, and the Service Name to omron_service.

More information

About OMRON TCP/IP Communications.