Time-out Errors

Time-out errors may indicate an invalid programmable controller address, an invalid computer SNA and/or SA1 value(s), or an invalid service name.

If the controller is not at the IP address specified by the host name, the target controller will not receive the message and hence will not reply. Test the host name by using the TCP/IP utility ping (for example, ping host name). If the controller is responding, that means the network is functioning and the device at the IP address related to the host name is responding. If ping fails, then verify your network is functional and that the targeted programmable controller's Ethernet Unit has been configured for the IP address assigned to host name.

If ping is successful then the programmable controller's response may not be making it back to the diagnostic test program because of an invalid SNA/SA1 pair or an incorrect port number specified by the entered service name.

SNA should match the network number assigned to the Ethernet network in the OMRON Ethernet Module(s) setup. Either the SA1 value is the value of the IP address of your computer minus the IP netmask or it matches a record in the IP Address Table. The choice depends on whether you have configured the OMRON Ethernet module with the IP address conversion method set to automatic generation.

Finally, verify the FINS UDP Port Number you have configured in the OMRON Ethernet Unit matches the value entered in the services file and that the number is associated with the service name entered.

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