Step 1.2. Set Port Properties

The OPC protocol you selected in the New Port dialog box appears in the General tab of the Port Properties dialog box. Enter information that pertains to that protocol in this tab.

Enter the following information in the General tab of the Port Properties dialog box.


(Optional) Add a description of the port.

Scan Rate

Enter the base scan rate for the port. Point scan rates will be multiples of the base rate.

You can specify a scan rate in Ticks (100 ticks = 1 second), Seconds, Minutes, or Hours.


This scan rate applies only to points that are not configured with an unsolicited or unsolicited on change update criteria.

This value does not define how often the OPC Server polls its hardware. It defines only how often CIMPLICITY polls the OPC Server. See the Scan Rate variable on the OPC Group Settings tab of the Device dialog box for more information.

Retry Count

If communications cannot be established with a device on this port, the device is considered to be down.

For polled communication only, this is the number of scans until polled communications is attempted in the absence of the receipt of unsolicited data.



The port is enabled when the project starts. Enabling and disabling the port only affects polled communication. If you clear this check box.



The port will not be enabled when the project starts, and points will not be available for devices on the port

Enable stale data


Point values will  remain available under most circumstances that would have made them unavailable. Under these conditions, the values displayed will be the last known value for the point. Since the current values are unknown, the values may or may not represent the current values on the device.



Point values are no longer available under circumstances that make them unavailable.

More information

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