Step 2.4. Select OPC Server

OPC server address information is required for the OPC Client configuration.

Select or enter information on the OPC Server Select dialog box as follows:

Node to browse for OPC servers

Select the node you want to browse for OPC servers. When you select <Local Node>, all OPC servers installed on the local computer are listed. When you select Network..., the Network Browsing dialog box opens, where you can look for and choose a remote node.

At any time, you can manually enter a remote node name in this field to display the OPC servers installed on that node.

If you want to choose a different OPC server from the same remote node, the remote node name appears in this list and can be selected.

Browse this node Button

Click this button to display a list of OPC servers installed on the selected node.

Installed OPC Servers

Lists the OPC servers installed on the node selected in the Node to browse for OPC servers list.

Selected OPC server

Displays the OPC server you selected from the Installed OPC servers list.


Displays the status of the last operation.

Browse for and select a remote machine to search for an OPC Server:

Browse remote node

Expand the network tree and browse to locate the remote machine with the OPC server you want to access.

Current selected node

Displays the remote machine you selected from the Browse remote node list, or you can enter the name of the remote machine if you know it.

More information

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