Step 2.4.1. Create Source Alarms on the Client Computer

You can also configure source alarms on the client computer if you know the following.

Project names

Factory resource ID's

Alarm reference ID's

Note: A point alarm's reference ID is the point ID.

Alarm ID's

This gives you more control over the alarm display.

  1. Double-click Alarms in the left pane of the client project Workbench.

A New Alarm dialog box opens.

  1. Enter a fully qualified name for a source project alarm that will be viewed in the client's Alarm Viewer.

Project/Factory Resource ID/Reference ID/Alarm ID.

Important: The fully qualified alarm ID:

Must be less than 32 characters in length.

Cannot contain the characters: $, | or start with @.



Note: If a reference ID has not been specifically specified for the point it is the same as the point ID.

Result: The alarm can now be configured similar to a local alarm.

More information

Step 2.4. Configure source alarms on the client computer.