Step 3.3. Review Runtime Statistics in the OPC Alarm and Event Server Window

The OPC Alarm and Event Server window displays statistics that inform you of client/source projects alarm activity.


Describes Number of:

Sample Period (ms)

Milliseconds the server takes to collect data.

At the end of the period, the data is displayed in the Client Alarm Viewers.

Num Event Server Objects

Internal events and alarms currently supported by the server.

Num Subscriptions

Clients that are running and being sent data from the server.

Num Browser Objects

Clients browsing for information.

Note: CIMPLICITY OPC Alarm and Event Server supports clients with browsing functionality.

Num Events Generated

Changes of states; changes include alarms being activated and alarms acknowledged.

Num Client Notifications

Number of server to client notifications.

Num Events Last Sample Period

Events the server collected during the specified sample period.


The server collected 19 events during the last 1000 milliseconds, the length specified for the server's sample period.

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Step 3. Use the OPC Alarm and Event Client and Server at runtime.