Supported Automation Interfaces

The GagePort Mitutoyo OPC Server relies on the standard automation wrapper supplied by the OPC Foundation. The following diagram illustrates how the automation wrapper interacts with the automation client (e.g. Visual Basic for Applications script) and the custom interface of the GagePort Mitutoyo OPC Server. Note that the automation wrapper executes in process with the automation client.

 Note: Selection of the type of interface to use, custom or automation, depends on the goals of the client application developer. Adhoc client applications written in Microsoft Visual Basic (for example) typically use the automation interface. Automation interfaces are easy to use in the VB (and VBA) development environments. However, the automation interface is slower at execution time. Applications written in Microsoft Visual C++ (for example) use the custom interface. This is the most efficient interface, but it is more complex to use.

More information

GagePort Mitutoyo OPC Server specifications.