Step 1.1.1. Open the Distributed COM Configuration Properties Dialog Box

Invoke DCOMCNFG on the computer node where the CIMPLICITY OPC Server is installed.

Do one of the following.

Method 1. from an MS_DOS window

  1. Open an MS_DOS window.

  2. Enter dcomcnfg at the prompt.

Method 2. from Windows Start menu

  1. Click Start on the Windows® task bar.

  2. Select Run on the Start menu.

The Run dialog box opens.

  1. Type dcomcnfg in the Open field and click OK.

Result: The Distributed COM Configuration Properties dialog box opens.

The utility is composed of multiple dialog boxes, selectable by tabs across the top as shown below. The user interface varies slightly among Windows versions. Therefore, the user interface for your version of Windows may be slightly different.

 Note: COM objects that programmatically initialize DCOM security will cause the DCOMCNFG settings to be ignored.

More information

Step 1.1. Set Up the GagePort OPC Server.