Troubleshoot GagePort Mitutoyo OPC Server Connections

GagePort Mitutoyo OPC Server provides several diagnostic tools for troubleshooting problems common to a heterogeneous software application environment. The tools are designed to help a user diagnose specific aspects of a conversation between an OPC client and the physical devices.

Step 1

Set up OPC Connection Trace Logging.


OPC-related connection information is captured using the Trace Logging diagnostic tool. This tool is used to log information about an OPC conversation (between a client and a server) to a text file.

Step 2

Use GagePort Mitutoyo OPC Server Runtime Statistics.


The OPC Server maintains run-time performance statistics for OPC client-server interactions. These statistics can be used to diagnose computer node performance problems and to tune an OPC client's use of the GagePort Mitutoyo OPC Server resources.

More information

About the GagePort Mitutoyo OPC Server.