2.2. Dynamic Configuration

If your user role has been assigned the option, dynamic update option is an efficient way to make certain changes in project and have the project automatically updated.

Note: When Dynamic mode is unavailable, or disabled, all configuration updates are made to files in the project's Master directory. When configuration data is updated, the new entries are immediately available to other configuration functions, but they are not normally available to runtime functions.

The Workbench provides you with:

Restrictions in dynamic configuration functionality.

Dynamic configuration procedures.

Restrictions in Dynamic Configuration Functionality

Important: There are some configuration procedures that have restricted functionality in Dynamic Update mode. They are:


In Dynamic Update Mode, You

Point Configuration

Cannot change:

The calculation type for a Virtual point.

The service for a Virtual point.

Point Class Configuration

Cannot make adjustments to a point class in dynamic mode.

Port Configuration

May only modify:

Base scan rate.

Enable/Disable state of the port.

Retry count.

Remote Projects

Cannot create or modify remote projects in Dynamic Update mode.


Cannot modify a class.

Note: Nothing can be deleted dynamically.

Dynamic Configuration Procedures

Do one of the following.

Click the Dynamic Configuration button on the Workbench toolbar.

Click Tools>Dynamic on the Workbench menu bar.

Press Alt+T+D on the keyboard.

If a password is required a password dialog box will open when you use any of these methods. If a password is not required or if you enter the correct password, you will be able to dynamically configure the project.

When you activate Dynamic Configuration, CIMPLICITY updates your project's configuration automatically. You don't have to return to the Workbench and do a project update in order for your changes to take affect.

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