2.1. Insert Text

Position the insertion point at the desired location in the script and start typing.


Text does not wrap. If you continue typing on a given line, eventually you will reach a point at which you can enter no more text on that line.

Press Enter to control the line breaks when you want to insert a new line in your script.

The effect of pressing Enter depends on where the insertion point is located at the time:

Insertion point location

When Enter is pressed

At or beyond the end of a line

A new line is inserted after the current line.

At the start of a line

A new line is inserted before the current line.

Within a line

The current line is broken into two lines at that location.

Press Tab to insert a tab character

The tab character is inserted at the location of the insertion point, which causes text after the tab to be moved to the next tab position.

If you insert new text within a tab's expanded space, the text that originally appeared on that line is moved to the next tab position each time the new text that you are entering reaches the start of another tab position.

Tip: Because you can position the insertion point in empty spaces, you can also insert text in empty spaces. This is useful for inserting a comment in the space beyond the end of a line in the script.

When you insert characters beyond the end of a line, the space between the insertion point and the last character on the line is back filled with tab characters.

More information

2. Text procedures.