7. Enter a Statement across Multiple Lines

By default, in the Program Editor, a single statement can extend only as far as the right margin and each line break represents a new statement.

You can override this default if you want to enter a long statement across two or more lines.

  1. Type the statement on multiple lines, exactly the way you want it to appear.

  2. Place the insertion point at the end of the first line in the series.

  3. Press the spacebar once to insert a single space.

  4. Type an underscore ( _ ).

Note: The underscore is the line-continuation character, which indicates that the statement continues on the following line.

  1. Repeat 2 - 4 to place a line-continuation character at the end of each line in the series, except the last.

Result: When you run the script, the code on this series of lines will be executed as a single statement, just as if you had typed the entire statement on the same line.

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