3.7. Change Titles and Labels

Default titles and labels.

Change a title of label.

Default titles and labels

The default titles for a dialog box is Untitled.

Default labels for the following controls and items are generic, as follows.


Default Title or Label

Dialog box


Check boxes

Check Box

Group boxes

Group Box

Option buttons

Option Button

Push buttons

Push Button




The OK and Cancel buttons also have labels that cannot be changed.

The following controls do not have their own labels. You can position a text control above or beside these controls to serve as a de facto label

Combo boxes

Drop list boxes

List boxes


Picture buttons.

Text boxes

Change a title or label

  1. Open the Information dialog box for the dialog box title you want to change or for the control label you want to change.

  2. Enter the new title or label in the Text$ field.

Note: Dialog box titles and control labels are optional; you can leave the Text$ field blank.

  1. Check the Variable Name checkbox if the information in the Text$ field should be interpreted as a variable name rather than a literal string.

  2. Click the OK button or press Enter on the keyboard.

Result: The Information dialog box closes; the new title or label displays in the title bar or on the control.

More information

3. Edit a custom dialog box.