6.1. Check for Basic Dialog Box Editing Errors

Following is a checklist of common errors.

It is recommended that you check the dialog box for these errors before testing it.

When all statements on the list are True, the dialog box is ready to be tested.



The dialog box contains a command button, i.e. a default OK or Cancel button, a push button, or a picture button.


The dialog box contains all the necessary push buttons


The dialog box contains a Help button, if required.


All the controls are aligned correctly.


All the controls are sized correctly.


The font is set correctly in text controls.


The Close button displays, if required.


The title bar displays, if required.


All control labels are spelled correctly.


All control labels are capitalized correctly.


The title is spelled correctly.


The title is capitalized correctly.


All the controls fit in the borders of the dialog box.


All related controls are grouped together effectively in group boxes.


All of the controls are labelled with their own labels or de-facto text labels.


All of the necessary key assignments have been made.


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6. Test a dialog box.