External Interfaces

Device Communication

PTMRPs interface with Device Communications subsystems in order to receive point data values. Each PTMRP is capable of receiving data from multiple Device Communication processes.

The relationship between a PTMRP and Device Communications processes is defined in the configuration file, DEVCOM_PROC. The ptmgmt_process_id field in DEVCOM_PROC specifies the PTMRP to which the Device Communication process sends data.

Alarm Management

The PTMRPs interface with Alarm Management in order to notify Alarm Management of alarm conditions. The PTMRPs recognize alarm conditions by comparing point data values provided by Device Communications with alarm limits configured in Point Management configuration files. When a point data value exceeds its alarm limits, Point Management assembles an alarm message and sends that message to Alarm Management.

Application Processes (Shopping List Requests)

PTMRPs interface with application processes that need to access point data. Application processes communicate with the PTMRPs through an application library (PTMAP) that manages the exchange of data with the PTMRPs.

Application processes make requests through PTMAP using shopping lists. Requests for points are added to shopping lists by specifying the point address that was returned by the PTMAP_add_point function. The application library accesses the Point Translation Process to determine which PTMRP handles that point.

More information

Point Management API overview.