Run ptq_setpoint or ptq_setpt_eq

To run ptq_setpoint, enter the command:


To run ptq_setpt_eu, enter the command:


For either of these programs, the PTQ_SETPOINT> prompt appears. Enter the Point ID for the point you want to display and press Enter. The Point ID should be entered in upper-case characters since the point data base is case sensitive. You are not able to modify point values for tag names that contain embedded spaces.

Note: The point you select must have read/write access. Also, for ptq_setpt_eu, the point must have linear or custom conversion defined

After you press Enter, the Value> prompt appears if you are running ptq_setpoint, or the Converted Value> prompt appears if you are running ptq_setpt_eu. Enter the new point value in raw data or engineering units, as indicated by the prompt, and press Enter.

After you press Enter, the program attempts to change the value of the point. The results of this attempt are displayed and the program terminates.

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