PTMAP Error Handling

Errors that occur during calls to PTMAP are recorded in the COR_STATUS structure and returned to the application. Unless noted otherwise in the function descriptions, all PTMAP functions return either COR_SUCCESS, COR_WARNING, or COR_FAILURE. If either COR_WARNING or COR_FAILURE is returned, additional information is returned in the status structure: the err_msg field is filled with an error message and the err_code field contains the PTMAP error code.

The COR_STATUS structure definition:

typedef struct cor_status


  COR_I4      status;       /* success, failure, or warning */

  COR_I4      err_source;   /* what detected the error */

  COR_I4      err_code;     /* what the error code is */

  COR_I4      err_ref;      /* where the error occurred */

  COR_BOOLEAN err_reported; /* has it been logged yet? */

  char        err_msg[80]   /* any text message */



A list of error codes for all Point Management processes is included in Appendix A.

More information

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