This subroutine adds a point to the local data store of point information. All points that are referenced in other PTMAP functions must first be added via a call to PTMAP_add_point. When PTMAP_add_point is called, the point's configuration data is accessed. Designated configuration information is available.


int PTMAP_add_point ( point_id, full, point_adr,

                     retstat )

char         *point_id;


PTMAP_ADDR   *point_adr;

COR_STATUS   *retstat;

Input Arguments


Unique identifier for the point. The point must be defined in configuration data.

To request the point's value, just enter the Point ID.

To request the value of an attribute for the point, enter the Point ID followed by a period (.) and the attribute name. See Point Attribute Descriptions for a list of value attributes.


For GE Fanuc use. Always set this argument to FALSE.

Output Arguments


A pointer to the point record that was created. This pointer can be saved by the application to access PTMAP data on a point basis.


Pointer to status structure. The following error may be returned (see Appendix A for an explanation of this code):





Return Value

The contents of retstat.status.

More information

Point Management API subroutines.