This subroutine adds points to the local data store from a list of points. This function can be used in place successive calls to PTMAP_add_point when several points are to be added to the local data store.

In order to use this function, an array of PTMAP_PT_LIST structs must first be allocated. The array must contain one struct for each point plus one as a terminating record. Each element of the array must be populated and the last used record should be given a NULL Point ID and point address.

The PTMAP_PT_LIST struct is defined as follows:

         typedef struct


             RECORD_PTR ptr;

             COR_I4 seq_num;

           } PTMAP_ADDR;

         typedef struct


             char       *point_id;

           PTMAP_ADDR *addr;

           } PTMAP_PT_LIST;

PTMAP_ADDR contains values for each point added from the list.

The following C macro has been defined to load the point list:

#define        LOAD_PT_LIST(dest,pt_id,point_addr)\

    dest.point_id = pt_id;\

    dest.addr =  point_addr;\

When you load the point list, the pt_id field can contain a Point ID or a Point ID followed by a period (.) and an attribute name. For more information on point attributes, see Point Attribute Descriptions.


int PTMAP_add_pt_list ( point_list, full, retstat )

PTMAP_PT_LIST *point_list;


COR_STATUS    *retstat;

Input Arguments


List of Point IDs to be added


For GE Fanuc use. Always set this argument to FALSE.

Output Arguments


Pointer to status structure. The following error may be returned (see Appendix A for an explanation of this code):





Return Value

The contents of retstat.status.

More information

Point Management API subroutines.