This subroutine retrieves the identifier of the point for  into the buffer specified by the parameter point_id when

There is a a valid PTMAP point request identified by req_addr and

The request is outstanding.

If the buffer length identified by point_id_len is too short to hold the entire point identifier with null termination, the returned value will have been truncated.


int PTMAP_get_req_point_id(PTMAP_ADDR *req_addr, TCHAR *point_id, int point_id_len, COR_STATUS *retstat) ;

Input Arguments


Value returned from a valid PTMAP routine which added a request for a point.


Length of the buffer pointed to by point_id

Output Arguments:


Will receive the retrieved point ID.


Pointer to a COR_STATUS structure to receive any errors that might occur.

More information

Point Management API subroutines.