Before calling this function, the application must ensure that no responses to outstanding requests exist for this point. For example, if the application used this point in an "On-Change" request, the application must cancel that request before removing the point since "On-Change" requests remain outstanding until they are canceled.

In the case of "Snapshot" and other one-time requests, the request is no longer outstanding when Point Management has sent a response to an application's request for a point value and the application has accessed the response. In addition, when the point is removed, all requests associated with that point are deleted. (Standing and one-time requests are described in the next section.)

Name: PTMAP_remove_point


Remove a point from the local data store.

If requests are deleted from shopping lists, a warning is returned to the application.


int PTMAP_remove_point (point_addr, retstat)

PTMAP_ADDR  *point_addr;

COR_STATUS  *retstat;

Input Arguments


Pointer to point to be removed.

Output Arguments


Pointer to status structure. The following errors may be returned (see Appendix A for an explanation of this code):






The following warning may be returned:



Return Value

The contents of retstat.status.

More information

Point Management API subroutines.