Step 3. Add Fields to the new Attribute Set

  1. Click Add in the Attribute Set dialog box.

A blank Attribute Field dialog box opens.

  1. Enter a name in the Field name The name can:

Be up to 16 characters long.

Have alphanumeric characters and underscores only:

Alphabetic characters can be in any position.

Digits can be in any position other than the first position.

Underscores can be in any position.

  1. Enter the bit position at which the attribute should start in the Start field.

You can choose from 0 through 15.

  1. Enter the size of the attribute field in the Size field.

The allowable size depends on the position at which you started the field.


If you enter 7 in the Start field, the maximum field size is 9.

  1. Check any of the following checkboxes to define the field characteristics.


When checked

Save on shutdown

Attribute values will be preserved across project restarts.

Writeable device flag

Data will be sent to the associated devcom when the attribute field is set.

Read only

Restricts the field to read-only when it is displayed on a CimView screen.

Restrict write by role

Allows only the roles that have been granted Modify attribute privileges in the Roles Properties dialog box to perform a setpoint on this attribute field.

  1. Click OK.

The Attribute Field dialog box closes and the Attribute Sets dialog box displays the Field Name with its Field Start and Size information.

  1. Continue to add attributes until you have listed all the attributes that should be associated with a selected point.

More information

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