GefApplication.DefaultFilePath (property)

Gets and sets the default path used by the application for opening files.
Syntax: String = object.DefaultFilePath
object.DefaultFilePath = String
Description: Useful in setting the default path for CimView during screen navigation. Screen path qualification is not necessary in navigation, CimView will examine the default file path during an open or overlay screen event.


Sub Application_DefaultFilePath()
    Dim oCimApp As GefApplication
    Set oCimApp = CimGetScreen.Application
    MsgBox "The old default path for " & oCimApp.Name & " is " & _
    oCimApp.DefaultFilePath ="C:\Temp\"
    MsgBox "The new default path for " & oCimApp.Name & " is " & _
End Sub
See Also: FullName , Path