GefButtonFormat.State (property)

Gets and sets the button state of the object.
Syntax: GefButtonStateEnum = object.State
object.State = GefButtonStateEnum
Description: This property does not get saved to the CIM or CTX files


Sub ButtonFormat_State()
    Dim oCimBtnFmt As GefButtonFormat
    Set oCimBtnFmt = CimGetObject.ButtonFormat
    Select Case oCimBtnFmt.State
        Case gefButtonDisabled
            MsgBox "The button is disabled"
        Case gefButtonFocus
            MsgBox "The button has focus"
        Case gefButtonMixed
            MsgBox "The button is in a mixed state"
        Case gefButtonNormal
            MsgBox "The button is in a normal state"
        Case gefButtonPressed
            MsgBox "The button is being pressed"
    End Select
End Sub