GefClassFormat.GraphicCount (read-only property)

Gets the number of available named graphic objects in the class screen file.
Syntax: long = object.GraphicCount
Description: The GraphicCount property is the number of available graphics in the class screen file. If the file can not be found it returns 0.


Sub TestClass
  Dim cimScreen As GefObjectModel.GefScreen
  Set cimScreen = CimGetScreen()
  Dim cimClassObj As GefObjectModel.GefObject
  Set cimClassObj = cimScreen.Object.Objects.Item("TestClass")
  Dim Index As Long
  Dim cnt As Long
  cnt = cimClassObj.ClassFormat.GraphicCount
  For Index = 0 To cnt - 1
    cimClassObj.ClassFormat.GraphicIndex = Index
    cimScreen.Refresh True
  Next Index
End Sub
See Also: GraphicIndex , SwitchToNextGraphic , SwitchToPreviousGraphic , SwitchToFirstGraphic , SwitchToNextGraphic , SwitchToPreviousGraphic