GefClassFormat.GraphicName (property)

Gets and sets the name of graphic used to display the class object.
Syntax: String = object.GraphicName
object.GraphicName = String
Description: The GraphicName property holds the name of the source object in the class screen file.


Sub DuplicateClassObj()
  Dim cimScreen As GefObjectModel.GefScreen
  Set cimScreen = CimGetScreen()
  Dim cimClassObj As GefObjectModel.GefObject
  Dim cimClassObj2 As GefObjectModel.GefObject
  Set cimClassObj = cimScreen.Object.Objects.Item("TestClass")
  Set cimClassObj2 = cimScreen.Object.Objects.AddClassObject( _
         cimClassObj.ClassFormat.Project, _
         cimClassObj.ClassFormat.ObjectID, _
  cimClassObj2.Top = 1200
  cimClassObj2.Left = 100
  cimScreen.Refresh False
End Sub