GefClassFormat.Project (property)

Gets and sets the project the Class Object is configured in.
Syntax: String = object.Project
object.Project = String
Description: The Project property is the project the class is configured in. All unqualified points within the object will be qualified by this project at runtime. If the project property is empty the project used is the default project for the screen.


Sub DuplicateClassObj()
  Dim cimScreen As GefObjectModel.GefScreen
  Set cimScreen = CimGetScreen()
  Dim cimClassObj As GefObjectModel.GefObject
  Dim cimClassObj2 As GefObjectModel.GefObject
  Set cimClassObj = cimScreen.Object.Objects.Item("TestClass")
  Set cimClassObj2 = cimScreen.Object.Objects.AddClassObject( _
          cimClassObj.ClassFormat.Project, _
          cimClassObj.ClassFormat.ObjectID, _
  cimClassObj2.Top = 1200
  cimClassObj2.Left = 100
  cimScreen.Refresh False
End Sub