GefColorFormat (object)

Represents a color.
Description: The GefColorFormat object represents a color. It can be set to a specific RGB (or ARGB) value, one of the system colors, one of the index colors or the special invisible color(which corresponds to the "None" color in the color picker).

Use the RGB property, ARGB property, the SystemColor property, the IndexColor property or the MakeInvisible method to set the color type.


Sub GefButtonFormat_FaceColor()
    Dim oCimObj As GefObject
    Dim oCimBtnFmt As GefButtonFormat
    Dim oCimColorFmt As GefColorFormat
    Set oCimObj = CimGetObject
    Set oCimBtnFmt = oCimObj.ButtonFormat
    If Not oCimBtnFmt Is Nothing Then
        Set oCimColorFmt = oCimBtnFmt.FaceColor
        If Not oCimColorFmt Is Nothing Then
            oCimColorFormat.RGB = &HBB& 'red
        End If
    End If
End Sub
Properties: ARGB , Application , IndexColor , Parent , RGB , SystemColor , Type
Methods: MakeInvisible , MakeMixed