GefColorFormat.Type (read-only property)

Gets the type of color.
Syntax: GefColorEnum = object.Type
Description: This is the type of color being used (RGB, system color, Index color or invisible). You set the type indirectly using the RGB property, the SystemColor property, IndexColor property or the MakeInvisible method.


Sub ColorFormat_Type()
    Dim oCimColorFmt As GefColorFormat
    Dim oCimColorEnum As GefColorEnum
    Set oCimColorFmt = CimGetObject.ColorFormat
    Set oCimColorEnum = oCimColorFmt.Type
    Select Case oCimColorEnum
        Case gefColorInvisible
            MsgBox "The color type is set to invisible"
        Case gefColorMixedValue
            MsgBox "The color type is mixed"
        Case gefColorRGB
            MsgBox "The color type is setup to use RGB"
        Case gefColorSystemColor
            MsgBox "The color type is setup to use the systems colors"
        Case gefColorIndex
            MsgBox "The color type is setup to use the index colors"
    End Select
End Sub