GefEventContext.GetOleParm (method)

Gets the value of the specified parameter from an ActiveX event.
Syntax: VARIANT = object.GetOleParm ( IndexOrName )
IndexOrName As VARIANT -
Description: This method is only valid if the Type of the event is gefEventActiveX.

For example, if the control fires the event MouseDown(xPos As Integer, yPos As Integer) then the value of the xPos pararmeter can be retrieved using an index of 0 or "xPos", and that of yPos with an index of 1 or "yPos".


Sub EventContext_GetOleParm()
    Dim oCimEvntContxt As GefEventContext
    Dim nI As Integer
    Set oCimEvntContxt = CimGetEventContext
    For nI = 0 To oCimEvntContxt.OleParmsCount - 1
        MsgBox "The OLE parameter with an index of " & nI & _
            " is " & """" & oCimEvntContxt.GetOleParmName(nI) & _
            """" & " with a value of " & _
    Next nI
End Sub