GefEventContext.Type (read-only property)

Gets the type of event.
Syntax: GefEventTypeEnum = object.Type
Description: See the GefEventTypeEnum enum for a list of event types.


Sub EventContext_Type()
    Dim oCimEvntContext As GefEventContext
    Set oCimEvntContext = CimGetEventContext
    Select Case oCimEvntContext.Type
        Case gefEventActiveX
            MsgBox "The event is an ActiveX event"
        Case gefEventExpressionHigh
            MsgBox "The event is an expression high event"
        Case gefEventExpressionUpdate
            MsgBox "The event is an expression update event"
        Case gefEventKeyDown
            MsgBox "The event is an key down event"
        Case gefEventKeyUp
            MsgBox "The event is an key up event"
        Case gefEventLBMouseDown
            MsgBox "The event is an left mouse button down event"
        Case gefEventLBMouseUp
            MsgBox "The event is an left mouse button up event"
        Case gefEventNone
            MsgBox "There is no event"
        Case gefEventObjectInserted
            MsgBox "The event is an object inserted event"
        Case gefEventObjectRemoved
            MsgBox "The event is an object removed event"
        Case gefEventPeriodic
            MsgBox "The event is an periodic event"
        Case gefEventRBMenuItem
            MsgBox "The event is an manu event"
        Case gefEventScreenClose
            MsgBox "The event is a screen close event"
        Case gefEventScreenOpen
            MsgBox "The event is an screen open event"
        Case gefEventWhileKeyDown
            MsgBox "The event is an held key event"
        Case gefEventWhileLBMouseDown
            MsgBox "The event is an held left mouse button event"
        Case Else
            MsgBox "Unknown event context"
    End Select
End Sub