GefExprListAnimElement.AnimatesBlinkLine (property)

Gets and sets whether or not the animation element animates the blink line attributes of the object.
Syntax: Boolean = object.AnimatesBlinkLine
object.AnimatesBlinkLine = Boolean
Description: The AnimatesLine property toggles whether or not the blink line/border is animated


Sub ExprListAnimElement_AnimatesBlinkLine()
    Dim oCimExprListAnim As GefExprListAnim
    Dim oCimExprListAnimElmt As GefExprListAnimElement
    Dim oCimObjLineFmt As GefLineFormat
    Set oCimExprListAnim = CimGetObject.ExprListAnim
    Set oCimExprListAnimElmt = oCimExprListAnim.Add
    oCimExprListAnimElmt.Expression ="1"
    oCimExprListAnimElmt.AnimatesBlinkLine = True
    Set oCimObjLineFmt = oCimExprListAnimElmt.GetBlinkLine(True)
    oCimObjLineFmt.Weight = 200
    MsgBox "The weight of the line is " & oCimObjLineFmt.Weight
End Sub