GefExprListAnimElement.GetFill (method)

Gets the fill format to be applied if this element is used.
Syntax: Set GefFillFormat = object.GetFill ( Create )
Optional Create As Boolean -
Description: The format is only applied if the AnimatesFill property is true.


Sub ExprListAnimElement_GetFill()
    Dim oCimExprListAnim As GefExprListAnim
    Dim oCimExprListAnimElmt As GefExprListAnimElement
    Dim oCimFillFmt As GefFillFormat
    Set oCimExprListAnim = CimGetObject.ExprListAnim
    Set oCimExprListAnimElmt = oCimExprListAnim.Add
    oCimExprListAnimElmt.Expression ="1"
    oCimExprListAnimElmt.AnimatesFill = True
    Set oCimFillFmt = oCimExprListAnimElmt.GetFill(True)
    oCimFillFmt.ForeColor.RGB = &HBB& 'red
    CimGetScreen.Refresh False
End Sub