GefExprListAnimElement.Index (read-only property)

Gets the index of the selected expression.
Syntax: long = object.Index
Description: The Index ranges from 0 to GefExprListAnim.Count-1.


Sub ExprListAnimElement_Index()
    Dim oCimExprListAnim As GefExprListAnim
    Dim oCimExprListAnimElmt As GefExprListAnimElement
    Set oCimExprListAnim = CimGetObject.ExprListAnim
    Set oCimExprListAnimElmt = oCimExprListAnim.Add
    If Not oCimExprListAnimElmt Is Nothing Then
        oCimExprListAnimElmt.Expression = "1"
        oCimExprListAnimElmt.AnimatesText = "1"
        oCimExprListAnimElmt.Text = "Animated text"
    End If
    If oCimExprListAnimElmt.Index - 1 >= 0 Then
        oCimExprListAnim.Remove oCimExprListAnimElmt.Index - 1
        msgbox "No previous element"
    End If
    CimGetScreen.Refresh False
End Sub