GefGroupFormat.OverrideFill (property)

Gets and sets whether the group's fill properties override the fill properties of its children.
Syntax: GefTriStateEnum = object.OverrideFill
object.OverrideFill = GefTriStateEnum
Description: The OverrideFill property sets the fill property of all of the objects within the group to match the group container.


Sub GefGroupFormat_OverrideFill()
    Dim oCimGrpFmt As GefGroupFormat
    Set oCimGrpFmt = CimGetObject.GroupFormat
    If Not oCimGrpFmt Is Nothing Then
        Select Case oCimGrpFmt.OverrideFill
            Case gefStateFalse
                MsgBox "The group object will not override " & _
                    "the fill property of the objects within"
            Case gefStateMixed
                MsgBox "The override fill property is in an " & _
                    "unknown state or is not set"
            Case gefStateTrue
                MsgBox "The group object will override the " & _
                    "fill properties of the objects within"
        End Select
    End If
End Sub