GefMenuCommandIDEnum (enum)

Specifies values native command ids.
Description: These values are used by the SetActionToNativeCommand method of the GefContextMenuItem object.
gefMenuCommand_ID_VIEW_MENU - Shows or hides the menu.
gefMenuCommand_ID_VIEW_ZOOM50 - Zooms the screen to 50%
gefMenuCommand_ID_VIEW_ZOOM100 - Zooms the screen to 100%
gefMenuCommand_ID_VIEW_ZOOM200 - Zooms the screen to 200%
gefMenuCommand_ID_VIEW_ZOOM - Displays the zoom dialog
gefMenuCommand_ID_VIEW_SIZEWINDOWTOZOOM - Resizes the window to fit the screen document at its present zoom
gefMenuCommand_ID_VIEW_FULLSCREEN - Views the window in full screen mode
gefMenuCommand_ID_VIEW_ZOOMTOBESTFIT - Zooms the screen document to fit the present window size
gefMenuCommand_ID_VIEW_PREV - Overlays the previous screen
gefMenuCommand_ID_VIEW_HOME_SCREEN - Overlays the home screen
gefMenuCommand_ID_OBJECT_HELP - Displays help on the presently selected object
gefMenuCommand_ID_EDIT_PROPERTIES - Displays the properties of the presently selected object
gefMenuCommand_ID_EDIT_SMART_PROPERTIES - Triggers the smart object event of the selected object
gefMenuCommand_ID_EDIT_GLOBAL_CONFIGURATION - Displays the Global Configurations Property page.
gefMenuCommand_ID_FILE_PRINT - Prints the active screen.
gefMenuCommand_ID_FILE_SEND_MAIL - Sends the active screen through electronic mail.
gefMenuCommand_ID_FILE_OPEN_INPLACE - Opens an existing screen in this window.
gefMenuCommand_ID_FILE_OPEN - Opens an existing screen in a new window.
gefMenuCommand_ID_FILE_CLOSE - Closes the active screen.
gefMenuCommand_ID_VIEW_STATUS_BAR - Shows or hides the status bar.
gefMenuCommand_ID_VIEW_TITLE_BAR - Shows or hides the titlebar.
gefMenuCommand_ID_FILE_PRINT_SETUP - Displays the print setup dialog
gefMenuCommand_ID_HELP_CONTENTS - Displays help contents.
gefMenuCommand_ID_HELP_SEARCH - Searches for a help topic when you type or select a keyword
gefMenuCommand_ID_HELP_USING - Displays instructions about how to use help.
gefMenuCommand_ID_HELP_ONDOCUMENT - Displays configured help for this screen file.
gefMenuCommand_ID_APP_ABOUT - Displays program information, version number and copyright.
gefMenuCommand_ID_EDIT_POINTVIEW - Displays point usage for the selected object.
gefMenuCommand_ID_EDIT_EXPRVIEW - Displays expression usage for the selected object.