GefObject.HelpContextIDExpr (read-only property)

Gets the help context ID expression configured for this object.
Syntax: String = object.HelpContextIDExpr
Description: Valid for objects with HelpType of gefHelpWinHelp.

This property specifies a CIMPLICITY expression that, at runtime, will evaluate to the help context ID of the help topic within the Windows help file specified by HelpFile. You may specify a constant integer value instead of an expression.


Sub GefObject_HelpContextIDExpr()
    Dim oCimObj As Gefobject
    Set oCimObj = CimGetObject
    Select Case oCimObj.HelpType
        Case gefHelpNone
            MsgBox "The help text is " & _
                """" & oCimObj.HelpText & """"
        Case gefHelpText
            MsgBox "There is help text specified for this object"
        Case gefHelpTextFile
            MsgBox "The help file is " & _
                """" & oCimObj.HelpFile & """"
        Case gefHelpWinHelp
            MsgBox "The help file is " & _
                """" & oCimObj.HelpFile & """"
            MsgBox "The help context id expression is " & _
                """" & oCimObj.HelpContextIDExpr & """"
    End Select
End Sub
See Also: SetHelpWinHelp