GefObjectEvent.MenuText (property)

Gets and sets the menu text of the context menu item event.
Syntax: String = object.MenuText
object.MenuText = String
Description: This property is only valid for events whose Type is gefEventRBMenuItem


Sub GefObjectEvent_ContextMenuItem()
    Dim oCimObj As GefObject
    Dim oCimObjEvnts As GefObjectEvents
    Dim oCimObjEvnt As GefObjectEvent
    Set oCimObj = CimGetObject
    Set oCimObjEvnts = oCimObj.Events
    Set oCimObjEvnt = oCimObjEvnts.Item(0)
    If Not oCimObjEvnt Is Nothing Then
      If oCimObjEvnt.Type = gefEventRBMenuItem Then
        MsgBox "The menu text for the event is " & _
      End If
    End If
End Sub