GefObjectEvents (object)

Represents the events that are configured for an object.
Description: The GefObjectEvents collection contains the events that are configured for an object.

Some event types allow only one action to be configured (for example, gefEventLBMouseUp). These events can be accessed and modified with the various Get... methods. Other event types allow multiple actions to be configured (for example, gefEventKeyUp). These events and be added with the Add... methods an accessed by enumerating through the GefObjectEvent objects.

The GefObjectEvents collection supports enumeration with the For Each statement.

The default method is Item.


assume "events" is a GefObjectEvents object
Dim event As GefObjectEvent
For Each event In events
    MsgBox event.ActionName
Properties: Application , Count , Item , Parent
Methods: AddExpressionHigh , AddExpressionUpdate , GetActiveXEvent , GetContextMenuItem , GetDialogClose , GetHighlight , GetKeyDown , GetKeyUp , GetLBMouseDown , GetLBMouseUp , GetObjectInserted , GetObjectRemoved , GetPeriodic , GetPreContextMenu , GetScreenClose , GetScreenOpen , GetSmartObject , GetUnhighlight , GetWhileKeyDown , GetWhileLBMouseDown , Remove