GefObjects.AddText (method)

Creates and returns a new object in this container.
Syntax: Set GefObject = object.AddText ( Left, Top, Text )
Optional Left As long -
Optional Top As long -
Optional Text As String -
Description: The AddText method adds a new text object the the specified container object.


Sub GefObjects_AddText()
    Dim oCimScr As GefScreen
    Dim oCimObj As GefObject
    Dim oCimObjs As GefObjects
    Dim oCimTxtObj As GefObject
    Set oCimScr = CimGetScreen
    Set oCimObj = oCimScr.Object
    Set oCimObjs = oCimObj.Objects
    Set oCimTxtObj = oCimObjs.AddText(120 * 20, 120 * 20, "New Text Object")
    oCimScr.Refresh False
End Sub