GefObjects (object)

Holds the child objects of a container GefObject.
Description: The GefObjects collection holds the child objects of a container GefObject. For any GefObject that is a container (a screen, a group, a frame container, etc.), there is an Objects property which returns the GefObjects collection of the children of that container.

The GefRange property is general collection of objects, possibly objects with different parents. In contrast, the GefObjects collection is a special collection holding all the children of a container. Removing an object from a GefRange collection does not delete the object from the screen, whereas removing an object from a GefObjects collection actually deletes it from the screen.

The default method is Item.

The GefObjects collection supports enumeration with the For Each statement.


assume "group" is a GefObject representing a group object
Dim obj as GefObject
For Each obj In group.Objects
   MsgBox obj.Name
Properties: Application , Count , Item , Parent
Methods: AddActiveXControl , AddArc , AddButton , AddClassObject , AddEllipse , AddFrame , AddFrameContainer , AddGroup , AddImage , AddLicensedActiveXControl , AddLine , AddLinkContainer , AddOleObject , AddPipe , AddPolyline , AddPolyline2 , AddRectangle , AddText , Remove